About Heaving Dead Cats

Dear Readers,

For the past sixteen years I have taken you on a journey into my world as an atheistic. I have pointed out the hypocrisies, and the bull that often accompanies high powered preachers, and so called Christians, all in the name of their Lord. I have uncovered holes in interpretations by those who construe the scriptures according to their personal or governmental agendas. I have written about those who hide behind their religion in order to look good.

Well, welcome to the new Heaving Dead Cats! No I haven’t gotten religion, I’m not speaking in tongues or working miraculous healings on my roommate’s nineteen year old cat. No, but something did happen that changed me forever. Something that makes sense to me on so many levels, yet is beyond the workings of the mind. I realize that I will lose several fans within my readership with what I am about to share, and that is the expected consequence. However, I cannot be the very same hypocrite that I spent most of my adult life exposing and degrading. The fact that my life has opened up in ways I never expected means that I must stay true to myself, and not to my old beliefs.

It started when a friend – all in good nature – challenged me to go with her to an Eckhart Tolle speaking event. My friend wasn’t pushy or proselytizing, and I wasn’t doing anything else that evening, so I said OK. Admittedly, I was guarded, but I never felt like I was at a gathering of dew eyed spiritualist looking for prey to convert. Instead, I felt a calming energy that I had not expected, or quite frankly experienced, in a public place before.

Heaving Dead Cats has changed its direction. I found a peace that doesn’t require following dogma or rules. I share with you the discoveries that I have made since that one evening with Eckhart Tolle through listening with a different ear and seeing with different eyes.

Thank you for joining me.