Acceptance and Awareness


What I’ve come to realize is that acceptance won’t come until you are ready. No matter what it is, you literally cannot see it, hear it or even imagine it until you are ready. This is a lesson I personally learned after a lifetime of wearing blinders that I didn’t even know I had on. I couldn’t entertain the thought of a higher power, especially when labeled with the “G” word. Come on folks get a grip and stop deluding yourself with fairy tales of magical beings who keep our breath flowing and our hearts beating. My opinion; get real.

We often find ourselves acting as cheap towing Aurora Colorado would do to serve old beliefs, but most of this is simply out of habit. Life is complex enough as it is without stirring a pot that creates an entirely different recipe. So avoidance is big. For me, however, when the time came, it took more effort to avoid what I was ready for than it did to hang on to old belief patterns. It was like stepping out of a tight shoe when I realized I didn’t have to defend a position that never quite fit my philosophical size.

Although I talked a good game, I look back and see it now as a need to have an identity that could define me. Being an Atheist was solid, based in more of a reality than what I was noticing displayed from those around me. As a young adult I saw so much hypocrisy demonstrated by the “religious”.

The contradictions were supported as I studied history through middle school, and learned of the Holy Wars and the Crusades justifying slaughter in the name of their God. I convinced myself that people were just puppets of their own egos and imaginations. I chose to deny any existence of a higher power since mankind generally hadn’t exhibited much in the way of Godly goodness.

A true Spiritual teacher is not about trying to convince anyone of anything. In their eyes it makes no sense, as they realize we all have within us what we need to know. We are all made aware in our own time. No one would fault a 3 month old baby for not walking nor would an advanced soul fault a personality for being an Atheist, for example. We are all on the train of life and whatever depot we stop at, is a place meant to teach us. There are no “shoulds” in Spiritual truths.

According to a great Spiritual teacher of our time Eckhart Tolle, an inner readiness will open the mind to an acceptance of our true Nature. It starts with the mind, but goes deeper into a space of resonant knowing. When we recognize a truth, we immediately feel it as an inner peace. Convincing is not needed, nor would it work. The knowing is not necessarily a product of the mind – the mind has just led us to a destination. The knowing comes from a readiness to accept, and as the world so evidently displays, not everyone is ready.

What would our world be like if we all had an inner peace? Most of us have heard the statement that we create our own reality. It’s a difficult concept for some to grasp, but to those who understand have witnessed bringing peace to a person or a room of people when they themselves are in a state of peace.

If on the other hand, you are agitated and enter a meeting, or engage in a conversation, the energy becomes uncomfortable for all around you. There is a clear distinction. If most of humanity was in a state of peace the outward manifestation would be one of harmony. Less noise, as Eckhart puts it.

Without any predictions he goes on to suggest that our world would be a lot more simple. When we fight the “what is” we create more turmoil. This is not to say we should become passive, but instead to garner our personal power to support the possibility of peace. If a situation or person is not ready to accept, then it’s to everyone’s advantage to stay in our own state of peace, thus creating a place of right action.

When we are ready the teacher will come. Until then we are all on a path to readiness, whether we know it or not.